How do consumers have mixed credit files?

If you are a mixed credit file victim in Herndon, Virginia, a credit report lawyer can help you sort out the mess of an inaccurate credit file or a mixed up credit file.

A mixed inaccurate credit file occurs when a credit account belonging to another individual becomes associated with your credit file. This can happen in any number of ways, for example:  incorrect spelling of names, transposition of social security numbers, similar names, two people with nearly identical social security numbers, or the mixing of generational differences like Jr. and Sr.

Our law firm in Reston, Virginia has conducted jury trials involving inaccurate credit reports containing mixed credit files.  From deposition and trial testimony, we have learned that the matching process for associating credit accounts does not require a nine for nine social security number match, does not require a date of birth match, and does not require a name match.  The computer systems simply associate data with other data that may be an appropriate match or may be the credit of a completely different person.  In identity theft cases, we have also seem the identity thief’s actual bad credit become associated with the victim’s good credit.

Consumers do not have a credit file like you would associate with a file in a traditional filing cabinet.  Credit reporting agencies simply maintain data in a cloud like environment.  When a credit reporting agency receives  data from someone requesting a consumers credit file, the credit reporting agency uses the provided information to match the data it maintains, with a credit reporting agency then providing a credit report containing information that best matches the associated data at that particular time.  When credit information contained in the agencies records is incomplete or inaccurate such that it becomes associated with the wrong person, the credit report provided will contain mixed and inaccurate information.  This can be a real problem in dealing with abusive debt collectors because they will collect on an account that is actually the debt of another person with a similar name.

Solving an inaccurate credit report or mixed credit file usually requires the services of an experienced credit report lawyer.  Having dealt with the problems on other occasions, we know how to best solve your particular problem.  If you would like to speak to me about your mixed credit file, I can be reached at 703-390-9205.  Our office also accepts inaccurate credit report cases for mixed credit file victims in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.